Outstanding Amethyst Necklace in 15ct Circa 1879

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A wonderful amethyst pendant drop necklace in the manner of Castellani, this outstanding collar will captivate one and all. Impossible to ignore in so comanding a scale, she boasts upwards of 50ctw saturated victorian amethysts. The bottom pendulum has been cut with a buff top to allow a kaleidoscopic refraction of light through the bottom facets. Truly magnificent.

marks: 14ct at clasp.

materials: 14ct gold, 15ct gold, amethysts 

Measurements: 16” around neck, measuring 20” with drop.

weight: 12g

condition: excellent for her age. The top chain is a 14ct replacement, bottom gold in 15ct. The bottom pendulum seems to have been a late 19th c upgrade.