Outstanding 68” 14ct American Victorian Slide Chain

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Before the invention of the wristwatch, Victorian women would wear their hunter case watches as a necklace, adding ornate, engraved pieces to the chain. Thus, slide jewelry was born! However, they’ve held many purposes, and their purposes reflect the trends of the era. Chains can be found in fine metals such as solid gold, gold fill, silver but also in Pinchbeck. The use of various metals likely made them widely accessible to women across all classes, while the versatility of them likely made them popular, as they could be worn long or short.

Today you can style them as a choker with a long layer, double them up for the look of two necklaces, or as one MJV customer suggested, use them for your ID card (here’s to you nurses, teachers, and students)! 

This extremely rare Victorian long guard is the longest chain I have ever had, surpassing my former record holder of 68”. A stunning example in an ever desirable delicately pink 14ct gold. She boasts both a substantial link and a slide - the slide further accented by green gold leaves and a rich pink cameo of a woman in classical dress with both an amphorae earring and diadem. 

*An additional clasp and dog clip at the bottom of the chain creates endless stacking and layering options. She can wrap 2 to 3 x around the neck.


Materials and Features: 18k, platinum, emerald-cut, and custom-cut diamonds.

Age Origin: Victorian/American c.1860

Measurements: 64.1 grams, 68" length

Condition: Excellent condition. 


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