American Old-Mine Cute Diamond Brooch with Pendant Attachment

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Diamonds, which were already massively popular, continued to dominate jewelry fashions throughout and beyond the Victorian era. During the Victorian period, the British Empire had control over Australia, South Africa, and India, where the bulk of the world’s diamonds were mined.

Consequently, diamonds were featured in every kind of jewelry made at the time from rings to earrings and bangles to brooches. As new diamond mines were discovered during the Victorian Period and the wealth of the British Empire grew, so too did the size of the diamonds used in Victorian Jewellery, and the ways in which they were cut and used.

Stars were a common motif in Victorian jewelry, representing a symbol of guidance and wisdom. They were often adorned with diamonds. This brooch glistens in any light, as it is covered in old mine-cut diamonds with a hefty 4-carat total weight. The swirls and movements in this design make this such a special piece. Additionally, there is a pendant attachment that allows this to be worn in more ways than was originally possible. 


Materials and Features: 18k gold, 4ctw of diamonds

Age/Origin: American, c. 1880

Measurements: 9.5 grams

Condition: Excellent condition. 

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