18ct Mourning Ring Diamond and Enamel 1822

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 The 18th century saw a massive fascination with death and dying; the fashionable set wore mourning jewelry with dark, macabre themes. Popular motifs included skeletons, gravediggers, and coffins. The jewelry of this time was designed as ‘memento mori,’ a reminder of death's inevitability, a hymn to living a joyous life in the face of mortality.

In the 19th century, mourning wasn't just about grief. It also encapsulated love, sentimentality, and remembrance. From miniature urns to locks of hair, mourning jewelry was an essential part of Georgian and Victorian fashion.

This ring is exemplary of its time with its dark theme, lock of hair in the interior, for starters. A thoughtful addition to any mourning collection, Georgian or otherwise. Additionally, the ring itself is a statement for any look. 


Materials and Features: 18k gold, diamond, enamel

Age/Origin: early 19th century Georgian period, 1822

Measurements: 4.3 grams, ring top is 22mm


"OB 11 October 1822 at 65; Miss Jane Fitzherbert"; 18K gold mark, London assay mark, Date mark 1822, Makers Mark "JL" (John Linnet)


Very Good antique condition with typical wear; there is a small triangular-shaped chip between the N of "In" and the M of "Memory". The original glass window was previously replaced by plastic, but overall a great historical jewel worthy of museum display.



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