Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Can you put an item on hold for me?

A: Yes! In order to put any Curio Treasure on hold, you are required to purchase it. Your payment will serve as a secure guarantee that your item will no longer be available for another client to purchase.

 Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can send us a holding request via email.

Q: Can you do ring resizes?

A: Yes, The Curio does offer resize options for our rings! Please note that some rings are not suitable for resizing, including most eternity bands, and other ring styles with very complex or intricate shank construction. If you are unsure if your ring is suitable for resizing, feel free to send us a message via the Contact Us page with details of the ring you are interested in and the size you would like to modify it to. If you are sure that your ring is suitable for resizing, type “resize” in our search bar, click the item, select your desired size from the drop down, and add it to your cart along with the ring. Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 days after the purchase to receive your resized item. Please visit our Resizes and Alterations Policy for more details.


Q: Do you provide paperwork for purchased jewelry?

A: Sometimes -- it depends on the piece! For our higher-priced items, we may include a report from the Gemological Institute of America, or the Gemological Appraisal Laboratory -- a copy of the original reports are shipped with your item. However, for most of our items, in the mid and lower price range, we only provide in-house assessment paperwork upon request. Such paperwork includes a basic item description, condition, and measurement info, as well as an estimated value for insurance purposes.


Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, The Curio does offer payment plans as an alternative to paying for an item in full all at once! We offer Shop Pay, a 4-part layaway service. On our website, for any available item, you will notice the “Shop Pay” button -- this will allow you to set up an account, and review the terms of your payment plan.


Q: How does shipping work?

A: We offer 100% FREE SHIPPING, all around the world. Within the USA, the standard is via USPS Priority Mail, with tracking, signature confirmation, and insurance. For international shipments, the standard is UPS, with tracking, signature confirmation, and insurance. Please note that you (the client) are responsible for any taxes and duties that accrue for international orders. We may use other shipping methods if requested, or if the package is extremely high-value. At this time, we do NOT offer pick-up services -- sorry!


Q: When will you ship my item(s)?

A: We only ship out items once you have completed your purchase. We are currently shipping items out 2 days a week; in an effort to maintain social distancing, we have limited the days on which our full team comes in to prep and ship out your packages. Ring resizes and other jewelry alterations can delay this shipping up to 30 days, while the alteration is completed by our wonderful bench jeweler.


Q: Do you offer in-person appointments to shop jewelry?

A: For the time being, in our efforts to maintain social distancing, we are unfortunately not taking in-person appointments for clients to shop with us. Instead, we are happy to provide a private, online concierge service for you -- just ask!